Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just for Absurdity's sake...

I don't know why I drew this, except that sometimes the guys who hit on you at bars in New York are just about this strange...


Welcome to Angry Liberal Chrissi Comics. A blog devoted to my rudimentary cartoons--mostly all created with MS Paint while passing unendurably slow days in the South.

About me:
An expat from the South, I have lived in the New York/New Jersey area for over 7 years, where I studied Acting and continued on to pursue my dreams as an actor, writer and artist. I grew up in a small town in rural Arkansas, where I still come to visit family from time to time, and where I initially acquired my bristling distaste of conservativism--both in politics and in religion. I've been what some would say, a "raging liberal," most of my life--or at least as far back as I can remember. I grew up longing for what I considered as "the Utopia of the North"--only to discover that idiots pretty much exist everywhere, and no one region has a monopoly on them. That said, it's less likely to encounter gun-wielding, bible-toting, pro-life, pro-death-penalty, anti-socialist hypocrites walking down a New York street than it is in just about any small town south of the Mason Dixon line.
Now, when I come "down south" to visit, I am reminded why I fled it "like a bat outta hell" - as they say down here. This blog is my dedication to the poor misplaced "Yankee Liberals" out there--wherever you may be.

Installment One - Universal Healthcare

Inspired largely by the Obama Healthcare Initiative, I found myself drowning desperately amidst a chorus of naysayers. This segment is the creative output that probably prevented me from becoming violent, and thus, a hypocrite myself...

Installment Two - The Natural State

There are things I do love about Arkansas. Like trees. And animals. And hills. And grass. We don't have much of that in New York. Except grass. But up there it's more or less the kind you call up the delivery service for...
This is more about the happy things in the South.

Installment 3 - The Downside of Nature

Of course, even with the lovely trees and animals, there are downsides to everything. The heat, the humidity, and most of all, the mosquitoes.

Installment 4 - The Drudgery of Down-Time

Of course, the biggest problem going from New York (or any metropolis) to the rural south is just not knowing what to do with all this TIME on your hands. Television seems to captivate many, but TV's really just not my bag. No movie theaters, no bars, no cafes, no ... nothin.' This is how I make my days go by...